Saturday, December 5, 2009

my family

Let me introduce you to my family .my father, Mr. Ashraf ali khan . a B.Sc in biology from meerrut university.he is working in Weston (a television company) as a service engineer in Delhi. he is a very dedicated and honest person towards his job but the greatest passion of his life is me. he wants me to excel more and more in studies.we belong to a middle class family i am studying in K.G. in a and papa wants me to get admitted in a very reputed school of Punjabi bagh, Delhi. one day i heard mom and dad talking to each other about how to cut down and manage their home budget , keeping in mind the huge expenses of my studies in that mother is like a pillar she always supports papa . she is mature,intelligent but very calm .although she belongs to a very rich family and my papa is not earning so much but even than she is not complaining .she is always with him, come what may.i am their only son and they both are very happy in our small home which is merely a single room of 10 * 10 in Delhi. it is our living room cum bedroom cum kitchen cum bathroom all in one. and we all have to go to ground floor to uncle imtiyaaz ali s house (papa s friend) to use his toilet.
thats it .
its my family as somewhere in...................... 1983


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